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Australian emergency services seek cell phones GPS access

Emergency services organisations would like to get GPS data for people calling Triple Zero in emergencies on mobile devices, but Telstra has said it would have to be something that users turn on.

In calling Triple Zero from a fixed line, the operator is able to know the exact location of the caller. As Australians move away from fixed-line phone services to the use of mobiles, a challenge for the Triple Zero service has been in determining the exact location of callers. According to Telstra, 67 percent of all calls to Triple Zero now come from mobile devices

More: http://www.zdnet.com/article/australian-emergency-services-seek-phone-gps-access/


iOS or Android? I need to focus


I saw iPhone 6 is ranked #1 on both CNET and the Verge…proof pair of the top tech websites are in agreement. What angry and whiny Android fans don’t understand is that these websites get to test several phones and aren’t like the readers who buy one phone and just assume it’s the best because it’s what they like.

I have the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 3 and use iOS and Android daily. I bought the Note 4 but returned it after a week because there wasn’t much of a difference in the phone from last year. When it comes to the top high end flagship phones…there isn’t much difference between phones. They are all fast with great cameras. If all you do is text, take pics, make calls, and use social media…you will be fine with just about any phone.

Where the iPhone and iPad stand out is video streaming and web surfing. The iPhone streams video content faster than any other phone from apps like ESPN mobile, Netflix, HBO Go, MLB, NBA Gametime, or YouTube. Android phones always buffer and have that circle spinning temporarily before playing video…even on Wi-Fi. Google Chrome loads web pages much slower than Safari. Passbook may sound like a gimmick but it’s very useful when going to Dodger games/sporting events, checking into hotels, boarding airlines, and going to the movies.

Last but not least are accessories, apps, games, movies, and music. ITunes gets newer content before Google Play usually. My Note 3 after a year has 3 choices for cases at Best Buy…my iPhone had over 20 different choices from day 1. There are car stereos made for the iPhone, speaker docks, and alarm clocks…my Note 3 have none of these choices. Most high end hotels have iPhone docks when you travel and never have Android docks. The iPhone isn’t about one feature or specs on paper…it’s about the complete package once you add everything up and being useful in the real world. I love the Galaxy Note line of phones but the iPhone is just the better overall package. With iCloud and Photo Stream…things like memory cards are outdated. Mophie makes battery cases and a portable charger to a removable battery isn’t needed. I have the 128GB model so I have plenty of memory to spare.

Apple makes tech products for people who are frightened by technology. They don’t want to engage with it, they just want to pull it out, check Facebook, make a call, play a little Angry Birds, take a picture, and that’s it. And that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that and there’s certainly a place in the market for such a device. Stein has long insisted on fawning over every iOS device like it’s the pinnacle of current tech when it’s really just tech with training wheels.

The iPhone 6 is a good choice in phones, but not perfect. Should be water resistant, have removable battery and storage, longer battery life, better grip on the sides, and stronger chassis. Google Now and Google services are the best — a tad bit snoopier however.